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You know when you meet someone and they automatically make you smile.?  That was Elizabeth for me.  She just instantly made me happy.  Her smile is contagious, her personality is so exuberant.  She kind of makes me want to do a cartwheel whenever I’m near her.  She has that kind of personality.  I was really excited for Elizabeth and Chris’ wedding.  They had had a few things go wrong in the planning so I really wanted this day to go off without a hitch.  And it did.

Starting at their house for the getting ready.  It was more of a party then anything else.  Elizabeth and her bridal party were allllllll glam.  I loved it.  Their dresses, the makeup, everything.  And I got to hang out with Max, the coolest dog of all.

AnnMarie of One33 Photography, hung out with the boys.  They drank, swam, ate, and were rowdy.  Typical behaviour for the groomsmen.

We headed to the Honsberger Estate for the big do.  This place is awesome.  If you are planning a wedding in the Niagara area, run to this spot and beg for it.  It was so beautiful.  Everyone was contained in one area.  The details were unreal.  I can’t wait to shoot here again.  The staff were amazing.

This was a very special wedding day for 2 very special people.  Chris and Elizabeth have recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy to their family.  I couldn’t have been happier when I found out.  I can’t wait to meet the little guy.  I bet he’ll make me want to do a cartwheel too.


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Robyn and Braden’s wedding was a feast for the eyes, and the stomach.  The food rocked.  But before we got to the food we did so much!  I met the ladies at the salon where Despacito played over and over and all of the girls laughed and talked.  It was like hanging out with old friends from school.

Once Robyn got all glammed up, we headed to her parent’s house to continue the party before the ceremony.  Robyn looked absolutely perfect in beautiful mermaid dress.  I was lucky enough to capture some wonderful moments of Robyn and her mom.   While all of this was taking place, Dana was off enjoying her time shooting the boys getting ready with his friends and family.

We all met at the Holy Cross Parish church in Georgetown for the Catholic ceremony.  All of the family hung out afterwards for the formals.  We then dashed off with the bridal party to get the portrait sessions done.  This bridal party killed it.  They knew how to get the job done.  Robyn and Braden shared some pretty awesome moments too.  It was my favourite part.

Until I got to the reception area and holy cow!  This hall rocked.  It was stunning.  I’ve shot a lot of weddings but have never seen a reception hall so lovely.  I have the pictures to prove it!

A huge congratulations to Robyn and Braden!  It was a stunning day.

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I met Matt and Ashlyn last year at Melissa and Jeremy’s wedding.  Ashlyn was the bridesmaid that kept me laughing.  She kept making the funniest faces while we were taking the bridal party photos.  I knew right then I’d like her.  We met up at my favourite Kitchener spot to shoot their engagement photos.  If you want a really scenic walk in town, the Huron Conservation Area is the place to go.  I love it!

Matt and Ashlyn were pretty much up for anything.  We walked with their awesome dog through some pretty kick ass light. One of my favourite things about meeting a new couple is the conversations we have when we move from one spot to shoot to another.  It’s my favourite way to get to know them!


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Remember when these two got engaged?  Then they got married.  I’ve hung out with their family a couple times too.  We’re pretty much related at this point.  They haven’t been up to much.  Just had a baby.  That’s all.  Introducing Theo.  The sweetest wee man ever.  We all hung out at their new house in Leslieville last year.  (Yep, I’m almost a year behind in blogging and posting on Instagram and Facebook, and basically life).  Anywho, come and check out their newest cutie.  Ross’ 3 older siblings have three kids each, so I expect there may be more to come….


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Baby Grace has the most angelic face I have seen in such a long time.  I just loved looking at her.   I hung out with Grace and her mom and dad one afternoon last Spring.  We chilled in their house taking photos and then went for a walk to a local park with their sister and brother-in-law and new baby.   This little lady is pretty lucky.  She has lots of awesome family all around her.


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