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I love photographing an in-home maternity session.  I love the organic feeling, and the non posed look.  I feel like I’m in my element when shooting this way.  When Lauren contacted me about doing her maternity session this way I was so excited.  When I got to her house in Toronto on the day of her photo session, I almost did a back flip as I walked in the door.  Not only is her house decorated like it came straight out of a designer website or magazine, but holy &$%* she is gorgeous.  Like stunning.  Not a slight of an exaggeration there.  This was one of the easiest maternity sessions I’ve ever shot.  Lauren and her equally awesome husband were so cool. So calm.  So relaxed.  I felt like I was photographing celebrities because I was giggling the entire time.  They must have thought I was a little nuts.  I am, but they didn’t know that then.  I guess they do now.  Anyways, take a look below and tell me I’m wrong.  Dare you.


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I love heading back to my old stomping grounds of Toronto.  I do miss living there.  Luckily for me I get to come back all of the time for work.  Jamie and Gillian are downtown natives.  They grew up in the same neighbourhood together.  They wanted their engagement session to take place in the neighbourhood where they first met.  I love adding sentimental elements like this to a shoot.  Afterwards we headed over to Alexander Muir Gardens.  Let me tell you, this place is gorgeous.  I’ve never shot there and can’t wait to come back.  There is so much to use.  Take a look for yourself!


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Every mom needs to do a photo session with their children.  I’ve decided that it should be a rule.  Jenn contacted me about doing a shoot for her son’s first birthday.  We decided to incorporate Finn’s older sister Taylor and make sure mom was in almost all of the shots.  Moms don’t exist enough in photos.  We all know that.  So it’s going to become my mission at every family session I do from here on in to make sure that mom exists.  It’s important.  We do a lot.  We don’t get a lot of recognition for it.  It’s a thankless job, but a necessary one.

So we headed to my favourite spot in Kitchener, the Huron Conservation Area, and took advantage of the gorgeous Fall colours and light.  Taylor and Finn were awesome.  They loved spending time with mom.  It was special for both of them.  I need one of these sessions with my own kiddos.


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I always love hearing from past clients.  It’s becoming a bit of a habit lately.  Something is in the water City of Waterloo.  Everyone seems to be getting pregnant.  Lisa and Mitch gave me a call for a family and maternity session this week.  Elsa is becoming a big sister!  Be warned past maternity clients, apparently this is contagious.  Can’t wait to meet the new baby!!

It always amazes me when I see a toddler who I had photographed as an infant.  You can’t help but wonder about what their personality will turn out to be like, or how they will look.  Elsa was exactly how I had expected.  She was independent and feisty.  She wasn’t afraid and loved to just run.  An absolute doll.  I’m sure she will be the best big sister.


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I’ve known Alicia for a few years now, but never got to see her with her family.  We took a walk to a new part of Ayr that I wasn’t familiar with at all.  We hit up the Chickadee Trail.  It was pretty gorgeous.  I love finding new locations to shoot in.  The tricky part is remembering how to get there again.  Alicia is surrounded by boys all day.  She’s a lucky girl, as all of them cracked me up.  Even her youngest who wasn’t feeling the greatest the day of our shoot.  He only yelled at me a couple of times.  Lucky for me, his big brother stepped in and saved the day.  Take a look.


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